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All Black Lives Matter!

It seems many have been asleep for decades and decades. As some are just now realizing that black people have so many struggles. Oh you love the culture just never really educated yourself. Why have we stayed silent? Not all have, but some were afraid to show their true "blackness"! Afraid that it would not be accepted in white America. Not to get it confused, not ashamed, just turned down in certain places with certain people. For some can finally truly breathe knowing that the truth is out and in some places it is acceptable to live in your skin tone with out being worried about being judged, side-eyed, followed or killed. Ha! Not yet. At least not with everyon. So, hold on we are still in this struggle, we still need to fight this fight, only difference now is ...the world should‘be awake. Just hoping & praying that equality comes out of all this! So, if you want to say all ...say All Black Lives Matter, because clearly this is focus! Continue to Support Black Businesses. Not just ours, but ALL Black owned Businesses! -Gaining back our 40 acres and a Mill! Forget the mule!

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