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12 Days of Christmas Sale

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

12 Days of Christmas

Life of the Party will be celebrating their 12 Days of Christmas in which items will be on sale!

In order to keep up with the sales please sign up for the email list that's on the home page to get updates!!

Tuesday December 10th- Stemless Wine $5

Wednesday December 11th- Ornaments 4 for $10 or 2 for $5

Thursday December 12th- Teacher Gifts $10

Friday December 13th- Boxer Briefs $15

Saturday December 14th- Gift Boxes $20

Sunday December 15th- Baby Onesie Sale $10

Monday December 16th- Tumblers $10

Tuesday December 17th- Starbucks cup $15

Wednesday December 18th- Baking Gifts $10

Thursday December 19th- Large Candles $10 & Small Candles $5

Friday December 20th- Wine Labels $10

Saturday December 21st- Glitz Wine Bottles with Label $10



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